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Becoming a Five-S.T.A.R Leader: A Life's Journey to Senior Care Excellence

Join Jerald Cosey on a transformative journey where you'll gain practical insights to navigate change, embrace resilience, champion empathy, elevate your leadership presence, and cultivate a culture of excellence. Discover your groove as a leader in today's dynamic world.

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Are You Looking for Your Groove as a Leader?

Becoming a Five-S.T.A.R Leader: A Life's Journey to Senior Care Excellence will help you:

  • Navigate Change with Confidence: Discover how to adapt and lead effectively in times of uncertainty. Learn strategies to embrace change and guide your team through challenging transitions.

  • Elevate Your Leadership Presence: Enhance your leadership presence, communication skills, and presentation abilities. Gain practical techniques to engage and inspire audiences, whether in person or virtually.

  • Embrace Resilience and Growth: Explore the power of resilience and personal growth in overcoming obstacles. Develop a growth mindset, bounce back from setbacks, and inspire resilience in others.

  • Champion Empathy and Connection: Understand the importance of empathy and connection in leadership. Learn to foster meaningful relationships with your team and beyond.

  • Cultivate a Culture of Excellence:  Learn to empower leaders, foster collaboration, and drive exceptional results in any organizational setting.

Order on Amazon for $19.99

Why Choose J. Cosey?

Jerald Cosey is a highly regarded healthcare leader, patient advocate, and guiding force in the realm of leadership. With extensive experience in operational leadership development and a successful career in pharmaceutical sales, Jerald possesses a unique blend of expertise.

Through his book, Becoming a Five-S.T.A.R Leader, Jerald shares invaluable insights and practical tools to unlock leadership potential, navigate change, foster resilience, and cultivate a culture of excellence.

Order on Amazon for $19.99

What People Are Saying About Jerald Cosey

 "Jerald Cosey's book 'Becoming a Five Star Leader' demonstrates the transformative power of effective leadership and provides an invaluable roadmap for healthcare professionals seeking to hone their leadership skills."

- Dr. David Gifford, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine and Public Health, Brown University

"Cosey's insights are remarkably insightful, practical, and applicable. His emphasis on building a culture of trust, fostering collaboration, and empowering individuals resonates deeply with the challenges and opportunities I have encountered throughout my career."

- Bryanna Wegner, Chief Nursing Officer

"It is a must-read for new Licensed Nursing Home Administrators... as well as the most tenured. The challenges and solutions the author shares from personal experiences were both relatable and inspirational."

- Marque L. McKinnor, Health Facility Administrator