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Hurricane Harvey: Personal and Professionally Personal

Sep 04, 2017

Natural disasters have an ability to grab our attention instantly as we witness the brutal effects and end results. The devastation, the fear, the loss… all have a way of awakening our minds and shaking our souls. Lives are changed and the world watches it unfold. Our hearts and emotions go out towards the victims.

How can something so awful bring out something so very good? The good is apparent in the people who have accepted the posture of serving others in a time of need. That good has been apparent everyday as we feel and see the honor that comes from serving others through a difficult time. Good old fashioned “regular folk” showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others. We cherish the demonstration of altruism by those directly serving the impacted communities.

What type of impact would Hurricane Harvey have on our responsibilities, had it touched down in our own local areas? We continue to witness and experience wild fires, floods, blizzards, hurricanes and tornados. I wonder…what if it were me experiencing that reality? How would I find honor in serving others through a difficult time?

The wise adage “Position Determines Perspective” is so true. Position allows you to “put eyes on it” from a different positon. Imagine the different views a coach requires to process and make game winning decisions. The skybox and sideline views are equally important. Both offer the vantage points critically needed to process, assess and implement a plan of action for the very next play. As I write, I think about how I saw life as a child and the perspective that changed as an adult. Position can alter your core and possibly your opinion. I would add that perspective often change’s your posture/approach as a human being. Perspective has the power to turn a hardship into an opportunity of a lifetime.

Perspective is what challenged and inspired the writing of this article. I find it appropriate to share on LinkedIn due to the unapologetic acknowledgment that a career change/calling opened my eyes wide to identify service and value the honor it represents. Houston Police Sergeant Steven Perez has been heavy on my heart. It’s sad that he lost his life in the line of duty and we all feel for his family and those who loved him. From a different vantage point and with a humble amount of certainty, his family and peers feel a since of honor in the fact that Sergeant Perez gave his life to serve others. The honor that comes from serving others through a difficult time has been demonstrated by so many people and professions that I’m unable to identify and capture them all. I think of the Local and State Disaster Professionals behind the scene orchestrating real time. The Fire Fighters, Service Recovery Teams, Police Officers, the Red Cross, Hospitals and Medical professionals. I think of the neighbors whose names I will never know.

My perspective on natural disasters became clearer as my career changed and I witnessed chaos from a different vantage point. The vantage point of a Skilled Nursing Home Administrator, a care professional, responsible for serving seniors and caring for someone’s mom, dad, sister or brother. With every disaster, my concern immediately goes to the senior community of that specific area. At the core of that community are our revered elders. Some still reside at home, some with family and some with a professional family within a senior care facility. I think about these Baby Boomers first and foremost. The senior citizens of our world whom we love, cherish and respect! These same citizens who served mankind in a variety on honorable ways. The same people that raised families, taught children, policed neighborhoods, made gadgets, built cars, designed bridges, cleaned our businesses, fought for our country, fixed our wounds, righted our wrongs. I can’t even begin to capture the honor these seniors have earned from serving others through difficult times.

With Hurricane Harvey, my perspective placed on my horizon the entire Professional Senior Care Communities of Houston including Skilled Nursing Homes, Assisted Livings and Independent Senior Communities; Moreover, Home Health Agencies and Hospitals.

With these communities come those that lead these special places. The Nursing Facility Administrators, Hospital Administrators, Assisted Living and Senior Community Administrators and the Directors of Nursing that serve alongside. What a week these Texan servants have had both personally and personally professional. I see their honor from afar as they all serve others through a difficult time. I think about the therapy teams, dietary teams, nurse aides, charge nurses and unit managers. I think about their laundry and housekeeping professionals, maintenance teams, activity professionals, social services, office staff and admissions. When providing care for others, the honor comes in the willingness to place their profession alongside their family. Many care professionals are charged with securing their home first and then making sure their professional home is secure. If the disaster strikes while at work, secure your professional home first and maintain constant communication with your family. I thank all of the family members of those that serve for I’m certain this has been a tough week. This Perspective and Posture is consistent within the “service profession” and I can confidently recognize that from afar.

As I look for ways to “run to the action”, I felt my perspective may give a little insight on what a service provider may think when going through a storm of life. I’m certain that many other vantage points exist of which I am unaware. Of which are also personal and professionally personal. I encourage you to share.

Honor comes from serving others through a storm. I thank all the residents of Houston for serving mankind. In a world focused on discord and ugliness, it’s so wonderful to see goodness occur from atop the mountain. In addition to the fine folks of Houston, I pray this article also brings attention to the senior communities of our world and the people that serve by working in these communities. I ask that you forward along to every individual you know that serves people for living. Providing care by serving others is honorable.

Isolation is a broken place of our world; moreover, isolation amongst senior’s citizens is real. I challenge each reader to put “eye’s and heart” on a senior this month. Sit down and have a conversation. Honor them with your attention as I honor you for making time. Feel free to provide feedback or additional comments.

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